3:2 Blackjack: The player is paid 3:2 when he hits blackjack. For example, a player has a $100 bet. He then hits blackjack such that the casino dealer gives him $150.

6:5 Blackjack: The player is paid 6:5 when he hits blackjack. For example, a player gets a ten and an ace for blackjack on his $100 bet. The dealer then gives him $120.

Basic Strategy Chart: A chart that shows what the player should do in every situation.

Busting: Going over 21 and losing. For example, Fred has the Jack of clubs and 6 of diamonds for 16. He hits and receives the Queen of clubs such that he has now busted with 26.

Counting Cards: People think this means remembering every individual card in the deck. It is actually much simpler than that. Using a point system, players determine whether the remaining deck has good cards or bad cards. Cards 10 and higher are good. Cards 6 and lower are bad.

Double Down: This occurs when the player doubles his bet in exchange for receiving one and only one more card.

Face Down: One of the dealer’s cards is face down meaning we can’t see the card (we don’t know its value).

Face Up: One of the dealer’s cards is face up meaning we see the card’s value.

Hit: Taking another card from the deck.

Hole Card: The dealer’s face down card.

Insurance: Typically this is a sucker’s bet. It is a side bet on whether or not the dealer has 21.

Shoe: Container that holds the decks of cards.

Split: Turning one hand into two hands. For example, suppose we have a $100 bet and we’re dealt a pair of eights. We can put another $100 on the table such that we split our eights into two different hands (one eight for each hand).

Stand: Not taking another card from the deck.

Surrender: Giving up half the bet. If it looks like there is a good chance that the player will lose the entire bet the he can surrender and give up just half of it at casinos that offer this option.

Third Base: The player acting last. Looking towards the dealer, this is the player on the far left.