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Blackjack at CoolCat Casino

CoolCat Casino has some of the best Blackjack games to go along with their other table games and other online casino games, like Video Poker, Slots and Keno.

You will have a selection of 8 Blackjack games to choose from their catalog of casino games. Most of these games will follow the standard Blackjack rules, but with slight twists and various payout bonuses. Makes sure to read the rest of the review to learn about the different Blackjack options.

Choose from these Blackjack games:

  • Blackjack
  • Suit ‘Em Up™ Blackjack
  • Blackjack + Perfect Pairs
  • European Blackjack
  • Face Up 21
  • Match Play 21
  • Super 21
  • Pontoon

Also as a new player at CoolCat Casino, you’ll have access to a No Deposit Welcome Bonus that can be used on the Blackjack! Read about the details of this offer so you can start with a free $25 Free Chip at the Blackjack table of your choice!

Create an Account

New Account Sign-Up

When you create an account at CoolCat, you will have access to the $25 Free Chip No Deposit Welcome Bonus and other Deposit Match Bonuses that can be used to play Blackjack, other Table Games, Slots & Keno.

Creating an account at CoolCat Casino can be done in 3 quick registration forms, which we will go over next.

Account Information

For the first form, you will enter your Account Info. This will be how you log into the CoolCat Casino website to play at their online casino.

  • Username
  • Password
  • Email

Keep this information in a secure location, or app, and do not share with others.

Click on Continue to go to the second form.

Personal Information

On the second form, you will enter your Personal Info. Make sure to enter your Real Name as it appears on your ID, Banking Accounts and Utility Bills.

  • First Name
  • Last Name
  • Female or Male (Gender)
  • Date of Birth

It is important you enter your real info, since this will be required by CoolCat Casino when you request a payout or make any banking transactions.

Click on Next to go to the final form.

Contact Information

The final form asks you to enter your Contact Info. This should also be the real information that matches your ID and utility bills.

  • Mobile Phone
  • Street Address
  • City
  • State
  • Zip Code

When you create an account, you will agree to the Cool Cat Casino Terms and Conditions and Privacy Policy. Make sure to read these pages before continuing.

Click on FINISH AND PLAY to create your CoolCat Account.

Use Your Real Information

As mentioned above, you must use your real information. This means the name should match what appears on your Identification Card, Banking Statements (including Credit Cards) and Utility Bills. If you want to play for real money, basically cashing out any winnings, you will be asked to verify your Identity the first time you deposit with a new funding source or request payout for the first time.

Make sure to fill out your registration form properly!

Once you have your account setup, you will be eligible to claim the CoolCat Casino Welcome Bonus for a $25 Free Chip! Best of all no deposit is require to claim this offer.

NO money is required for you to enjoy this free $25 bankroll that you can use on a Blackjack table, or other games,
for a chance at free winnings.

Recommended Welcome Bonuses at CoolCat Casino

Welcome Bonus Claiming Order
No Deposit Bonus
No Deposit Welcome Bonus – $25 Free Chip

Enter this bonus code to redeem.

Creating a CoolCat Casino account will give you access to a No Deposit Bonus. Use this Welcome Bonus, before making your first deposit, to get a $25 Free Chip to use at the Blackjack table and other allowed games. Good up to $25 cashout.

With $0 from you, you will get a free $25 bankroll for the Blackjack.

60x on Blackjack & allowed games / 30x on Keno & Slots — wagering requirement

First Deposit Only
250% All Allowed Games Welcome Bonus

Enter this bonus code to redeem.

Turn your very first deposit at Cool Cat Casino into a 250% Match Bonus. Good on all allowed games, this includes Blackjack. Minimum deposit of $30. No max cashout! Great bonus to get a larger bankroll that you can use on the Blackjack tables.

With your $30 deposit, give yourself a $105 bankroll to play at the Blackjack tables.

15x Wagering Requirement

Turn $30 into a Combined $130

New players at CoolCat Casino will have the opportunity to claim up to $130 to play, with just $30 from them in real money. This includes a No Deposit Bonus for $25 and a 250% Welcome Match Bonus, on a $30 deposit.

As you can see this is a great way to boost your new account for a giant $130 bankroll to use at the Blackjack tables.

Create an Account for a $25 Free Chip

Registering a new account at CoolCat Casino will give you the option of a getting a $25 Free Chip with no deposit necessary. That means this No Deposit Welcome Bonus will give you a chance to play at the Blackjack table before you even deposit money into your account! A great opportunity to try out Cool Cat Casino!

After you create your account, simply log into your new account and use the COOLEST25 bonus code.

The free chip can be used to play Black Jack, slot, keno and all other allowed games.

To withdraw your winnings, there will be a 60x rollover for Blackjack and other allowed games. While Slots & Keno will have a 30x rollover.

If you enjoyed your time playing with this promotional offer, think about claiming our recommended Welcome Bonus, for a 250% Match Bonus in the next section.

Make Your First Deposit a 250% Match Bonus

After claiming your No Deposit Welcome Bonus, we recommend you claim this 250% Welcome Match Bonus, which is good on ALL ALLOWED GAMES. If you take a look at the other CoolCat promotional offers, they’re mostly for use on Slots & Keno only. We strongly recommend this offer for that reason to be allowed to use your bonus towards Blackjack.

To claim this coupon offer, use the promo code ALLCOOLGAMES while making your first ever deposit. A minimum of $30 is required. If you made a deposit prior you will not be allowed to claim this fantastic offer.

With as little as $30 from your wallet, you can get a bankroll of $105. But, another great feature of this offer is that there is no maximum cashout.

As an added bonus, there is only a 15x rollover for this promotion.

Blackjack Games at Cool Cat Casino

At CoolCat Casino, there are 8 types of Blackjack Games available. If you play on your mobile device’s web browser you will have access to just 2 of the games. But playing on a desktop you will be able to play all 8 Games.

The games will follow the standard Blackjack rules, beat the dealer’s hand with a while not going over 21. The dealer will hold at a soft 17.

Another difference you will find amongst the Blackjack games is the order cards are dealt and when you place your bet.

Also some games will have special payouts for different card combinations.


Of all the the Blackjack games at CoolCat Casino, this one comes closest to the standard rules of Blackjack.

Your objective is to get a higher score than the dealer, while having Blackjack (2 cards) or a total of 21 and under (3 or more cards). The dealer will stay at a soft 17 hand.

A Blackjack, by you the player, pays out 3 to 2. All other winning hands pay out 1 to 1.

Perfect Pairs

For Perfect Pairs it is basically the standard game of Blackjack with a side bet.

You will be dealt 2 cards face up and the dealer will 2 cards also, 1 up and 1 down. The goal is to beat the dealers hand while getting 21 and under.

For the side bet, if your first 2 cards are a pair you get a bonus. The 3 types of pairs are a “Mixed Pair” (6:1), a “Colored Pair” (12:1) and a”Perfect Pair” (21:1).

“Blackjack” is 2 cards totaling 21 (2:1). If you and the dealer get 21, you will push.

Super 21

In this version of Blackjack, you will receive 2 cards face up and the dealers will receive 1 face up and 1 face down.

Your goal is to get a hand greater than the dealer, but still 21 and over. If you get 2 cards totaling 21, that is “Blackjack”. But if both those cards are diamonds also, that is “Diamond Blackjack”, which gives you a higher payout.

Other ways to win with a special payout is by getting five-card 21 and six-card 21. If you get get 20 points with a six-card hand you will get an instant win and also a bonus.

Double anytime, but just once. You can also surrender anytime

Getting a Blackjack pays even money, Insurances pays 2:1. Also Diamond Blackjack, 5-card 21, 6-card 21 pays 2:2

Suit ‘Em Up Blackjack

Similar to standard Blackjack, Suit ‘Em Up Blackjack adds a side bet to your initial two cards if they have the same suit, with different payouts depending on the suited combinations.

Standard Blackjack rules apply, beat the dealer’s hand with a total that does not exceed 21. The dealer will hold on a soft 17. Blackjack pays 2:1 and all other winnings hands 1:1.

Before the cards are dealt, place a side bet for the matching suit. The payout is as follow:

  • Suited Aces – 60 to 1
  • Suited Blackjack – 10 to 1
  • Suited Pair – 5 to 1
  • Suited Eleven – 3 to 1
  • Any Other Suited – 2 to 1
Face Up 21

This game is similar to standard Blackjack, where a hand of 21 or less, but greater than the dealer’s hand .

At start, you and the dealer will be dealt 2 cards each, face up. If you get 21 on these 2 cards, you will get “Blackjack”, for even money.

Dealer holds on a soft 17 and the Dealer will win all ties.

Match Play 21

For a twist to the standard Blackjack rules, check out Match Play 21. The difference is that there are no 10’s in the deck. There will be an added bonus if you get 3x 7’s and the dealers also shows a 7, giving you a 40:1 payout.

Blackjack will payout 3:2, while some other hands, like 777 “all spades”, will payout 3:1. So make sure to check out the scoring rules to see other bonus combinations on the side tab, you will also find 2:1 and 3:2 payout combinations.


Similar to standard Black, Pontoon has subtle differences.

When you get 21 with two cards, it is called “Pontoon”, instead of “Blackjack”. This is the highest ranked hand. This is a 2:1 Payout.

The next highest hand is what is called a “Five Card Trick”, which is 5 cards with a total of 21 or lower. This is a 2:1 Payout.

All other winning hands, that beats the dealers, with a score of 21 or lower, will get even payout.

European Blackjack

European Blackjack is similar to standard Blackjack.

The goal is to beat the dealer hand’s with a higher score, while no going over 21. The dealer will stand at a soft 17.

Blackjack is 21 on the first 2-cards, for a 3:2 payout. But if you and the dealer get Blackjack, your payout will “push”. All other winnings hands will have an “even” payout.

We recommend downloading and installing the Cool Cat Casino software for the best gameplaying experience. You can learn more about the Cool Cat Casino download here.

CoolCat Casino Lobby

At the Cool Cat Casino Lobby page, you will be able to access all the features to play games or adjust your account settings.

You will be able to access the Cashier from here, where you can make a deposit and also claim Bonus Codes.

Since CoolCat offers a No Deposit Bonus for new players, we will show you how to claim the bonus code before we show you how to make a deposit.

Above is a screenshot of the how the Lobby looks a desktop web browser. The mobile version will give you access to all the features, but not easy to screenshot in one page.

Redeem A Blackjack Bonus Code

For all bonus codes at CoolCat Casino, you will need to claim the coupon codes at the Cashier, in a special section just for promotions.

If you care claiming the No Deposit Welcome Bonus you will need to go to a different section than claiming the Deposit Match Welcome Bonus for your first deposit. We will cover both promotion code types.


Cashier Page

To start off, head over to the Cashier Page.

You can get there by clicking on the Cashier button on the right corner of the page.

We have highlighted this button, to left of the Profile Menu dropdown. Here there is also link labeled Cashier. You can use either to get to the Cashier.

Claim No Deposit Bonus Code

There will be a tab labeled Redeem Coupon (if you’re on a Mobile deivce or Bonuses if you’re on a PC).

Here there will be a button labeled Redeem Bonusm. When you click on this, there will be a form of your to enter you bonus code.

If you want to claim COOLEST25 bonus code for a $25 Free Chip, this is where you will enter it.

Claim Deposit Match Bonus Code

When you make your deposit, on the Deposit tab, you will have the option to enter your desired coupon code before you choose your funding source.

There will be a drop down menu in the section labeled Coupon. Here you will select “Use Another Code”, and an input box will appear.

If you want to claim our Recommended Welcome Bonus for a 250% Match Bonus on your first deposit, use the promo code ALLCOOLGAMES.

You can find additional Cool Cat Casino no deposit bonus codes at

Depositing Money

After claiming the No Deposit Bonus for a $25 Free Chip, we feel you’ll want to take advantage of our recommended Initial Deposit Welcome Bonus, with coupon code ALLCOOLGAMES for a 250% Match Bonus.

To make a deposit, head over to the Cashier page.

Top Menu Bar

You will have two options to get to the Cashier page. Both options will be at the top menu bar.

1) You can click on the large green Cashier button. Sometimes the button is animated and may show Deposit Now.

2) By clicking on the Profile Menu, a dropdown menu will appear. Here there will be a link labeled “Cashier”.

Select Funding Option

At the Cashier, on the Deposit tab, you will see all the funding sources that CoolCat Casino accepts.

You will see 3 separate options for credit cards: MasterCard, , AmericanExpress/Discover Card or Visa.

If you want to use cryptocurrency, CoolCat accepts Bitcoin.

Other options will be available, depending on your region. But for now we will cover Credit Cards and Bitcoin.

Bitcoin Deposits

Bitcoin deposits at CoolCat Casino offers the advantage of a lower deposit requirement and faster credit to your account

If you’re new to Bitcoin, we recommend reading up on Bitcoin and eWallet before making your first deposit. It’s easy to setup, but good to understand how the process works.

For the first part, simply enter the amount you wish to transfer from your eWallet to CoolCat Casino

In part 2, you will be given the QR Code or Bitcoin digital address to send your payment to with your eWallet. The current exchange rate will be available too, which will be locked in for 15 minutes.

Make sure to claim your bonus code before completing your deposit.

Credit Card Deposits

For many, credit card deposits will be the way they choose fund their CoolCat Casino account. You will have the option to use American Express, Discover, MasterCard and Visa.

In the options section for choosing a funding source, you will see that Cool Cat made separate sections for MasterCard, AmericanExpress + Discover and Visa. The form will be similar for all so we will just cover one and you will be able to apply the same information to the other options.

Similar to other other website you enter your credit card information, you will need to provide the following:

  • Card Number
  • Expiration Date
  • Card Security Code
  • Deposit Amount

You will have the option to use your address on file, or use a different billing address.

Navigation and Gameplay

How to Play

All the Blackjack games available at CoolCat Casino will have a similar look and feel. The tables will actually look almost the same, but you can always check on the top left corner to make sure which game you are playing

Most games will follow the standard Blackjack rules, beat the dealer’s hand with a total of 21 or below. The main difference will be the bonus payouts for specific hands. Some games will have a different way of dealing or placing your initial bet.

Blackjack Game Layout Overview

Game Menu

For the Blackjack games available at the Cool Cat Casino, the menu can be found at either the top or the bottom, depending on the game’s layout.

Here you will find basic information about the game like the Rules or Info (in Help) on how to play the game.

You will also be able to go back to Home (aka Lobby) or make a Deposit (aka Cashier).

Game Info

The information on how to play the game can be found under the Help button.

Here you will see a brief description about that variation of Blackjack they are using for that game. They will also go over what they consider Blackjack and other ways to receive a bonus payout, which is often different game to game.

They will also display the list of possible payouts, which is a good overview if you know how the game works, but haven’t played in a little bit.

Game Rules & Payouts

The title of the Rules button is a little misleading. It is actually a quick summary for this particular game of what is considered Blackjack, when to spit, etc. .

There will also be a quick summary of the payout

One advantage of the Rules tab, is that it is a pop up, while the previously mentioned page will cause a new page to open. So for speed, the Rules button may be best to use.

Game Controls

For all version of Blackjack games, the basic controls will be towards the bottom of the screen.

From here, you will be able to control your action on your hand. This means you can Hit, Deal, Stand, Bet, Double, Split or Surrender. Options will vary by game.


In the main section of the game, you will see the table, the dealer and the current hands.

For the majority of the time you play, this will be where your eyes will be paying attention to mostly.

All of the other aspects of gameplay we mentioned in the section, will be surrounded around this main section of the game.

Game Balance & LImits

If you need to see the Limits for the current Blackjack table for the game you’re playing, you can see it at the top of the screen.

Some of the Blackjack games will also show your current Balance, also in this top section.

Settings and Menus

Top Menu Bar

On the top Menu Bar, you will have a few menus from which to chose.

There will be a Profile Menu, a Balances dropdown, a Cashier button and a Message button.

This top Menu Bar will give you access to most of the features your need intereact with your CoolCat Casino account.

Profile Menu

For the Profile Menu, you will be able to alter various features of your account.

You can edit your Profile Info, go to the Cashier, see your Comp Points, message customers service at Contact Us, checkout current Promotions and other options.

If you need to Logout of your CoolCat account, you can do so here.

  • Player Level
  • Amount of Reward Points
  • Withdrawable Balance

If you need to Logout, you can do so here.


Balances will show your the current status of your available money and bonus money for your CoolCat account.

In Real Balance, you will see the amount you deposited in Real Money. For Bonus Balance, you will see how much available Bonus Money you still have after claiming a promotion. Withdrawable Balance is the amount of bonus money that has transferred from completing your wagering requirement for a claimed bonus.

See your current VIP points earned check out Comp Points balance.


We recommend you check out Messages. Here you will find the current promotions being offered by Cool Cat Casino.

Blackjack Wagering Requirements

To complete the terms of a Bonus Offer after you claim it, you will need to meet the wagering requirement. Once you complete the rollover, you bonus winnings will transfer to your withdrawable balance.

Once you have enough money in your withdrawable Balance, you will be eligible to request a payout from CoolCat Casino.

The amount of the wagering requirement will differ according the promotion offer. It is also common for different game types to have different playthrough requirements.

Withdrawing Money

When you are ready to cash out your payout from your winnings, you will need to complete all your active bonuses at CoolCat Casino.

As you complete your wagering requirement for a bonus offer, the bonus winnings will transfer to your withdrawable balance.

The first time you request a withdrawal, you will need to complete an Authorization Agreement.

When you request a payout, there will be a reviewal process by CoolCat Casino. Once approved, your payout will be sent out to you. You will have the option to request a payout with Bitcoin, Bankwire or Bank Check.

We recommend Bitcoin because it is the fastest and doesn’t carry a fee like the other two options. Bitcoin has a lower minimum requirement to cashout compare to the $200 of Bankwire and the $300 for Bank Checks.

Comp Points & VIP

When you place wagers at CoolCat Casino, you will earn Comp Points. If you join the CoolCat VIP Program, you will earn comp points at a faster rate as you move up to higher Leverl.

You can cashout 100 Comp Points for $1 in play money, that you can use to wager on games. Once you are ready to cashout, you will be required to withdraw a minimum of 1000 Comp Points, or $10 in play money.

Comp Points will have a wagering requirement of 60x for Blackjack, Table Games and Video Poker. Other games like Slots, Keno, Bonus Bingo and Scratch Cards will a 30x wagering requirement.

Check out the CoolCat Casino VIP Program so that you can take advantage of earning free play money faster!

Join a Blackjack table at CoolCat Casino Today!

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Great No Deposit Bonus

I just tried the No Deposit Bonus at Cool Cat. First time trying such a bonus. Eventhough I broke about even, I'm planning to look up the other No Deposit promo codes on some of the other reviews.

 by Edward Y.
Nice Overview

The review covered the no deposit bonus code and the deposit bonus, but also overiewed some of the other Blackjack specific features. It was helpful to see what is being offered before accepting the promotion for signing up.